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Chiba Art Festival 2019
Painting/Photograph Exhibition
Now Accepting Submissions
Theme:Chiba Cultural Assets
Deadline: Friday, May 31, 2019
Chiba Prefecture has selected 111 properties that they want to hand down to future generations, known as “Chiba Cultural Assets” through a Prefecture-wide vote in August last year. We are accepting entries for paintings and photographs that share this theme, and will display entries at the Chiba Art Festival 2019 slated for August 2019. Why not expose yourself to Chiba culture and express its appeal in your work?

Submission Rules

Painting Category 
●Size of Works

Canvas:No. 10 ~ No. 15 (excluding frames)

Drawing paper or similar paper:254 x 305mm

*If you wish to submit with a work in a form other than the aforementioned, please contact us.

●Paints and Materials
Free to choose
(oil or water painting, pencil, ink brush, block print, digital drawing, etc.)
Canvas: Mandatory to protect works
*Excessively heavy decorations are not acceptable.  The width of a frame should be 5 cm or less.
*The thickness should be 5 cm or less, including the mount and a frame.

Drawing paper or similar paper: Not necessary
*Works will be pasted on a common mount and displayed.

Photograph Category

●Size of Works
A4 or quarto
Free to choose
(black and white, color, film, digital, etc.)
*Avoid excessive editing.
*Only single photographs are acceptable
(combined photographs are not acceptable) 

Not necessary 
*Works will be pasted on a common mount and displayed.
Created with digital device
Works with digital devices printed in regulated size can also be submitted (Painting:254 x 305mm, Photograph:A4 or quarto、animation and other movements are not allowed).
Mail application in jpg / png format is also possible. If it is recognized as an excellent work by the judging committee, print it with the secretariat and display it. However, in principle, it will be an exhibition at the monitor.
◆ Dedicated address:

Application Guidelines


The works should be related to any of the 111-Chiba Cultural Assets

(please choose one from the following list)


●Applicant Eligibility

Limited to those who are able to have their works sent back to them in Japan

(not limited to those residing in Chiba Prefecture)

●Entry Fee


(Expenses incurred by production, entry or return by mail, transportation costs or e-mail delivery shall be borne by the applicant)

●Entry Category 
Painting Category/Photograph Category

(one work per category per person.  2nd entry and beyond shall be invalid)

●About the Exhibition

In principle, all works will be displayed at the Chiba Art Festival 2019 in principle, but if the number of entries exceeds the limit, those displayed shall be selected upon examination. 
*Works left out of the final selection will be displayed on the monitor.  *The applicant will be notified of the selection results around the middle of July 2019.


The Chiba Art Festival 2019 awards will be presented to 3 works in their respective categories / age categories selected from among works displayed.

*The winners will be given a memento, and the award-winning works will be preferentially used for Chiba Prefecture’s PR preferentially.


●How to Enter

1) By mail

Send your work and application form to the secretariat by mail
*Deadline: Friday, May 31, 2019


2) Bringing the work

After making an application in advance by e-mail, bring your work and application form to the secretariat.
*Reception period: Wednesday, May 29 ~ Friday, May 31, 10:00~18:00 

* For advance application:

Please send it to the following dedicated e-mail address with ①-③.

① Name

② Telephone number to which contact will be connected on the day

③ Bring-in date and time

*About bringing place: Arak Mori Building 33rd floor, 1-12-32 Akasaka Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-6033, Japan


Send the subject as "Chiba Art Festival 2019 Entry Work" and include information on each item of "Entry Form" in the body and send it to the following e-mail address. * If the data size is 3 MB or more, use storage service.

*It will be displayed on a monitor with a slide show.


◆ Dedicated address:

Inquiries and entries

Secretariat for the Display of Paintings/Photographs by the General Public, Chiba Art Festival 2019




P.O. Box #562, 33rd floor Arc Mori Bldg., 1-12-32 Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo
(c/o PRAP Japan, Inc., the subcontractor for Chiba Prefecture)


03-4580-9117 (10:00~18:00 Mon. thru Fri.)



•    Entries shall be confined to new, original works made by the applicant (works already presented at a solo or group exhibition are not acceptable)
•    Entries shall not infringe any third-party’s copyrights, portrait rights or intellectual property rights.
•    The copyrights of entries shall belong to Chiba Prefecture and may be used free of charge and without the applicant’s permission for prefectural PR activities (They may be used for or inserted in Chiba Prefecture’s PR materials, website, SNS, press releases, advertising and publicity, a record in picture records, etc.)
•    Due attention shall be paid in handling works, but a slight degree of processing, such as pasting, may be done.
•    We shall take no responsibility for damage or loss of your work due to a disaster or contingent event.
•    Your name, age category, title and story associated with the work will be displayed while exhibiting your work.
•    If your application form is missing, or if we are unable to return your work in the way you designated at the time of application, we may dispose of it.
•    We shall properly manage personal information you submitted at the time of application properly but may use it to send you information on related events.

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